uBRITE® Outdoor External Battery – UBDS43OEB-WH

General Description:

Body Material: Galvanized Iron
Available Colors: White
Output Voltage: DC 24 Volts
Battery Capacity: 912VAh
Charge Voltage: AC100-230 Volts
Dimensions: 20.86L x 9.05H x 4.53D
Weight: 61.7 lbs.
Working Time: 8 Hours
Cycle Life: 400-600 cycles
Charging Time: 14 Hours
Operating Temperature: -20~45°C / -40~113°F
  • Steady power supply and 100% safe to use
  • Motorcycle battery protected by hard metal
  • Helps stabilize the digital display in outdoor scenarios

 uBRITE UBDS43OEB-WH Series Spec Sheet